Pure. Timeless. Beauty.

The hands of an artisan skim across the surface of a simple board or beam, discovering its singular character. It has a past, a history, that lives deep within its soul and which will become the foundation of years to come.

Kauffman and Co. is owned by Jonathan Kauffman.  Jonathan has been crafting custom furniture for over seven years.  We specialize in reclaimed lumber, hardwoods, and exotic woods.  We have stock design pieces which we can customize to meet your needs, or we will work with you to create your own custom piece. 

Handcrafted and hand finished, our furniture is truly generational, worthy of being handed down to continue the special relationship that is born of outstanding quality and beauty. Adding them to your home today is just the start of a journey that will unfold among the family and friends with whom you share your life.

Welcome It.

Charlotte Observer

February 10, 2014

Old lumber is a trend for some of the best new homes